All-Star Game

Kansas City


We’re in the 7th inning of the 83rd all-star game and the National League is up 8-0.  I’ve been to Kauffman Stadium and I’ve got to say it’s one of my favorites.

Erin Andrews is doing her thing as a new member of the Fox team.

Justin Verlander tried to gas it up early, and he gave up his control by doing that.  Come on Justin these guys are pretty good.

I am a huge fan of the National League and truly believe that the pitching in the NL is better than in the AL.  Every analyst was gushing over the American League line up all week  but it’s been the NL all the way so far.

I don’t know the last time there was a shut out in the all-star game, but I am hoping to see one tonight.


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Dodgers Are In Big Trouble

Dodgers sign Cuban defector Yasiel Puig.

The Dodgers are going to need a lot more than an overpriced Cuban outfielder.  It is being reported by that the Dodgers have signed Puig to a 7-year $42 million deal.

They haven’t scored a run in four games.  For the first time in their teams history they failed to score a run against the Giants in a series.  Embarrassing.

On their recent road trip they went 1-8 and scored only 13 runs.  Their consecutive scoreless inning streak has reached 30 innings.  The longest consecutive scoreless inning streak is held by the 1903 Pirates at 52 innings.

They face the red hot Met’s who scored 17 runs last night.  It’s not looking good for the Dodgers.  Especially with Matt Kemp still on the DL and Andre Ethier now out.

It’s a long season but the Dodgers need to do something.  Hopefully their owners deep pockets can pull them out of this mess.


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Dodgers vs. Giants

Dodgers Giants Rivalry Renewed

Ever since I can remember I have always and will always hate the Giants.  It’s only fitting that my girlfriend is a Giants fan.  How ironic.

As I count down the minutes until my favorite rivalry in sports begins, I see two teams that need each other.  Just like the Red Sox need the Yankees.  The Dodgers need the Giants.

The Dodgers are three games up on the Giants and still holding on to the best record in baseball.  The Giants are second place even with the pitching woes of Tim Lince-who?

It is my job as a journalist to remain un-biased but when it comes to these two teams I just can’t be.

This series may be the most important series of the season for both of these teams and may set the tone for the division.  Can Arizona creep back in, can the Giants remain in second, can the Dodgers remain top dogs?

There are a lot of questions to be answered and I can’t wait.

Play ball,


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MLB Parks. How many have you been to?

How many major league baseball stadiums have you been to?  

For those of you who look at this and smirk because you’ve been to all of them or almost all of them then you’re in the same boat as me.  I’ve been to 23 of the 30 stadiums and I am only 22 years old.  Not bad in my opinion.

Here’s my top 10 so far:

1. Fenway

2. Camden Yards

3. Wrigley Field

4. Dodgers Stadium

5. Busch Stadium

6. Comerica Park

7. Kauffman Stadium

8. Miller Park

9. At&t Park

10. Yankees Stadium



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Yankees sign Omar Luis Rodriguez

The Yankees have signed the Cuban left hander for $4-5 million according to  I’ve never heard of him.  Interesting move by the Yankees considering they have a very solid starting rotation.

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I’m back!

I’m back!.

I’m back!

Hello all,

Considering I’ve been in Israel for two weeks I’ve missed so much!  Matt Cain’s perfecto. R.A. Dickey…still confused about that one?!  The Yanks on a 10 game win streak.  The Dodgers still cruising atop the pack.  Happy to be back in the sports world! 

Charge on,


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Is Paul Konerko for real?

Are you kidding me?  Who takes a 95mph fastball off the face and doesn’t break a bone?  Paul Konerko does.  In fact he comes back and hits .536 since getting clocked.  I was at the game when he got hit and it could be heard in the upper decks. For some players it might have meant the end of a season or of a career.  But for Konerko it meant being a champ and taking it off the face.


Photo courtesy of

He’s hit four doubles and nine home-runs since returning.  He’s only been back for seven games.

In an interview on Chris Sale said, “If anyone was ever going to figure out this game it would be him.  It’s a blast to watch.”

And for that Paul it’s an honor to write this story.

Charge on,


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The Dodgers have made an offer to Roy Oswalt

He’d be a fool not to join the best team in baseball considering he hasn’t had any other offers.


The market for free agent right-hander Roy Oswalt is beginning to heat up.

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Dodgers have made an offer to Oswalt. The specific terms of the offer aren’t yet known, but Ken Rosenthal of reported yesterday that the Dodgers checked in on Oswalt and considered his asking price — a pro-rated $7.5 million — to be “excessive.”

The Rangers are believed to be Oswalt’s preferred destination, but Rosenthal was told that he is looking for “the biggest payday.” This is quite a contrast to the offseason, where proximity to his home state of Mississippi was of greater importance. That’s presumably less of a concern now that he’ll only be playing half a season.

Oswalt recently threw for the Phillies, Rangers and Red Sox while the Brewers and Orioles have also been mentioned as possibilities. Upon signing a contract, he’ll likely need…

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Baseball Road trip part 1

Baseball Road trip part 1

Hey all.  Just wanted to post an article I wrote about my first baseball road trip.  I’ve done three more since and will be posting those stories as well.  I’ve only got seven ballparks left.


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